Since its inception in 1990, the Student Transfer Advisory Committee (STAC) has addressed the concerns of students and institutions regarding transfer issues. At the same time, the Committee has recognized changes in the education environment which influence articulation. In previous years, transfer centered on the movement of students from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities. Many postsecondary institutions now experience student movement from two-year to two-year colleges, from four-year to four-year universities, and from four- to two-year colleges as well. Additionally, the Committee recognizes that changes at the secondary level, in response to needs for workforce training and in advancements in distance education technology have provided opportunities for an enhanced type of articulation for higher education. The current goal of transfer policies is a seamless public educational system from elementary school through high school and college.

The STAC has prepared this report for the Maryland Higher Education Commission as the Commission begins developing the State’s strategic plan for postsecondary education. This report will provide an overview of what has been accomplished in recent years and will suggest some of the areas in which action is still needed.

Past and Present Contributing Members of the Student Transfer Advisory Committee

Dr. Helen Giles-Gee
University of Maryland System

Professor Denny Gulick
University of Maryland College Park

Mrs. Marion Patterson
Morgan State University

Ms. Jan A. Kiphart
St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Ms. Mary Anne Rhoades
Catonsville Community College

Ms. M. Martha (Marty) O’Connell
Western Maryland College

Ms. Jacqueline Williams
Coppin State College

Ms. Elizabeth F. Murray
University of Maryland System

Ms. Theresa W. Hollander
University of Maryland System

Dr. Sandra Tomlinson
Cecil Community College

Ms. Susan L. Sherwood
TESST Technology Institute

Dr. L. Richard Haney
Frederick Community College

Dr. Mary Hines
Dundalk Community College

Dr. Lynne M. Gilli
Maryland State Department of Education

Dr. Barbara Hetrick
Md. Independent College & Univ. Assoc.

Dr. David E. Sumler
Maryland Higher Education Commission

Dr. Michael J. Kiphart
Maryland Higher Education Commission

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