Student Transfer Advisory Committee


of the meeting of

November 14, 2000

Members present:

Sarah Garrett
Marion Patterson
Debby McClellan for Rich Haney
David Tengwall
Pam Sikowitz
Teri Hollander
Jackie Williams
Tracey Jamison
Jan Kiphart

Others Present:

Dr. Sock-Foon MacDougall
Dr. David Sumler
Seth Kamen
Mary Lewis

Call to Order

Teri Hollander called the meeting to order at 1:30 p. m.

Approval of Minutes

The September 25, 2000 minutes were reviewed and approved with no changes.

General Education Implementation Follow-up Study

Dr. Sock-Foon MacDougall was invited to address the proposed follow-up study. She expressed the need for clarity in both the proposed phases and stakeholder groups. She also thought that we should survey all students and general education chairs. Discussion with advisors may be left for during the conference. Community college faculty should not be a forgotten reference.

It was felt that with regard to strategies to identify potential problems, it may be impossible to do so in advance. In setting parameters, there was concern regarding study implementation and data collection with existing database. Prior to using MHEC data files, committee needs to work with MHEC to clarify issues.

K-16 Transfer Conference

Working groups were formed to start work on various aspects of planning the conference. Call for proposals, Themes, Location/date/time, Financial commitments and cost


Dr. David Sumler, MHEC, provided an update regarding a Southern Region Education Board (SREB) 3-year grant that will be used to study obstacles to distance education. SREB is exploring regional transfer articulation possibilities that may include recommending the region's 16 states adopt a similar plan as Maryland's Title 13B and transfer general education as a block, even from out-of-state institutions. At least 30 hours are needed for general education and that appears to be a common denominator in other states.

Report to the Secretary was delayed due to Connie’s illness. Jackie Williams will work on the report with Teri Hollander, with a target for completion in March.

ARTSYS: Only a few community colleges to date have given permission to have a link to a sample syllabus

CAO report: Teri has posted it on the web. See:

MSDE report: High school tech prep conference; Academy of Leadership tours, MD career development conference 11/17 in Timonium.

Next Meeting: January 9, 2001,Noon - 3:30 p.m., University of Maryland, Baltimore County Technology Center. See web site for directions (

Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.