Student Transfer Advisory Council
January 12, 1999
(Approved March 30, 1999)

Members Present:

Connie Cox, Maryland Higher Education Commission
Dr. David Sumler, Maryland Higher Education Commission
Teri Hollander, University System of Maryland Administration
Michael Kiphart, MICUA
Jan Kiphart, St. Maryís College of Maryland
Marion L. Patterson, Morgan State University
Martha OíConnell, Western Maryland College
Jackie Williams, Coppin State College
Florence Agbonyitor, Baltimore City Community College
Barbara Murray, Faculty Advisory Council
Others Present:
Liz Murray, University System of Maryland Administration
Tom Clowes, Maryland State Department of Education

Call to Order

Connie Cox called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

November Minutes

Minutes were approved and will be posted to the website.


Membership: Barbara Murray, from BCCC, was introduced and welcomed as a STAC member representing the Faculty Advisory Council. All members concurred that faculty representation is essential for addressing transfer issues.


Electronic Transcript Coding: C. Cox shared that after discussion with the Assistant Secretary it was decided that a letter will go out to Vice Presidents of Administration (ccís to registrars) from the Assistant Secretary, John A. Sabatini, requesting completion of the process of electronically coding general education designations, particularly for designations of nontraditionally earned credit.


CAO Guiding Principles

Language clarifying the definition of "continuous enrollment (degree-seeking students)" from the "Guiding Principles" document was distributed. This revision, approved by the CAOs on November 24, 1998, serves to include certificate students within the definition of continuous enrollment. These students, if continuously enrolled, also have the option of choosing to follow the general education requirements in place when they first enrolled or the general education requirements in place as of fall 1996.

Student Guide

J. Williams, M. Patterson and M. Kiphart shared final recommendations for the revision of the Student Guide. Members suggested adding several links to ARTSYS, adding links to college home pages and revising the chart listing transfer coordinators clarifying which institutions are participating in ARTSYS.

Members also raised concern about eliminating the publication of the Student Guide, leaving on-line access as the only means of securing copies. Members felt strongly that hard copies were necessary; T. Clowes of MSDE confirmed the value of sending copies to high school guidance counselors. Members agreed to request of Secretary Florestano that MHEC continue to publish and disseminate the Student Guide. Members felt distribution of remaining current copies, which are not up-to-date, would not be useful.


  1. MHEC staff will make the recommended revisions to the on-line version of the Student Guide.
  2. A draft letter to Secretary Florestano requesting MHEC to continue the hard copy publication of the Guide will be circulated to members for comment.

Identification of 1999 Priorities

Members discussed several 1999 priorities including: outstanding issues related to the implementation of general education (e.g. performance indicators for general education courses; transfer of D grades), the review of effects of regulations such as the second-degree student regulation, credentialing of work-based learning, and the State Plan tactics addressing improving advising and the transfer rates of African American students. The focus of discussion was on the role STAC should play in addressing the State Plan Goal #9 - "Postsecondary institutions in the State should accelerate degree programs and increase retention and graduation rates." The identified strategy for meeting this goal is to ensure student awareness about the requisite courses for transferring. Two tactics were discussed:

  1. Developing strategies for improving advising and counseling and
  2. Developing a pilot project to improve the transfer rates of African American community college students.

Action: After much discussion on the multiple issues that affect transfer success, members decided:

  1. a subcommittee (B. Murray, J. Williams, M. Patterson) will review existing successful programs that might serve as models and begin to outline 5-8 feasible strategies to address both identified tactics. The subcommittee will report at the March meeting.
  2. MHEC staff will distribute relevant materials on remediation and transfer data.

International Baccalaureate Organisation

Materials were distributed on the International Baccalaureate Organisation; members were asked to ensure that the organizations they represent and their respective institutions are informed of the IBO exams for advanced standing credit.

Report from ARTSYS

Teri Hollander reported that process for completing course evaluations on-line will be available next month. ARTSYS training sessions will be offered in January (USM-Shady Grove site) and February (UB site). Also, Teri announced that the Business Roundtable and USM are working with secondary schools to develop a plan to host a website for employer access to electronic high school transcripts, in support of the MBRT's Achievement Counts campaign.

CAO Report

A new degree proposal, the Bachelor of Professional/Technical Studies, will be presented to the MHEC Education Policy Committee on January 19. The degree provides for the articulation of selected A.A.S. degrees (60 credits) to a 4-year degree which is designed to complement the learning acquired in the first two years. A pilot in the Health Sciences area is near completion. Members raised questions about this degree and indicated interest in being informed of Education Policy Committee agendas.

Action: MHEC staff will check on access to agendas via the website.

Career Connections Report

Tom Clowes attended as the MSDE representative; Tom is the new Tech Prep Coordinator at the State ( MSDE and the Governorís Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) are developing a unified state plan as required for receipt of new Perkins $. In mid-March, listen for PSAs on Career Connections done by Bill Cosby.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

May 11, 1999
1:30 - 3:30 pm
Maryland Higher Education Commission
Fourth Floor Conference Room

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