Student Transfer Advisory Committee


of the meeting of

September 25, 2000

Members Present:

Connie Cox, Maryland Higher Education Commission
Teri Hollander, University System of Maryland
Jan Kiphart, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Marion L. Patterson, Morgan State University
Jackie Williams, Coppin State College
Jessica Kozera for Mark Hergen, Villa Julie College
Tracey Jamison, University of Maryland, College Park
Susan Sherwood, TESST
Pamela Sikowitz, MSDE

Others Present:

Elissa Klein, MACC

Call to Order

Connie Cox called the meeting to order at 1:30 p. m.

Approval of Minutes

The March 14, 2000 minutes were reviewed and approved with no changes.

1998-2000 Report

Members reviewed the overview report prepared for the Department of Budget and Management on articulation and transfer in Maryland to identify topics to be included in the STAC report and provided feedback on the draft outline. Key headings include: Status of Articulation, Improvements in Articulation, Partnerships, Next Steps and Recommendations. Discussion focused on the recommendations, which will include funding requests for a Transfer Conference, a Pilot Project on Improving Transfer Rates of Minority Students and Initiatives to Develop Articulation Agreements in Targeted Majors.

Action: A small writing group will convene to prepare a draft for the Education Policy Committee meeting. Volunteers included: Teri Hollander, Jackie Williams and Connie Cox.

Goals for 2000-2001

Four goals for the upcoming year were identified and discussed. Two initiatives were targeted last year and need to be planned and completed this year. These include the General Education Implementation Study and the K-16 Transfer Conference.

Action: The former MHEC staff member, who provided initial guidance on this project, Dr. Sock-Foon MacDougall will be invited to an upcoming meeting to discuss study development. Members will review our preliminary notes on Conference objectives and submit revisions/additional thoughts on 1) theme, 2) location, and 3) date.

One new role for STAC was discussed, that of STAC members serving as faciliators/resource persons for the discipline groups who have been charged by the CAO group with a number of tasks associated with further refinement of general education principles and transfer policies. A copy of the CAO charge was distributed. There was consensus that this would be an appropriate role for members and a way to involve members directly in transfer policy discussions.

Action: This offer will be made to the CAO group at their October 3, 2000 meeting.

Another issue was discussed related to the need for a Guide of Frequently Asked Questions for advisors. This will be further discussed as a project for this year.


Membership: Several vacancies have occurred and recruitment for new members is underway. The Student Advisory Committee will meet in October and solicit a student member. The Community College Instructional Deans have been asked to select a representative for their group. Jackie Williams indicated that Sarah Garrett from BCCC might be interested. Also, a new member representing the Faculty Advisory Council is needed. The temporary chair will be informed.

CAO Report: Teri Hollander, CAO co-chair for the 2000-2001 year, announced that the first meeting is October 3; agenda items include the charge to discipline groups, MAITI, and the report from the summer workshop on teacher education by Pat Basili from Prince George’s Community College. Gene Hall from Allegany Community College is the other CAO co-chair this year. Teri also shared information about the College Board/ALS conference November 30 in Washington, D.C. on Developing Effective Partnerships Between 2- and 4- Year Institutions.

Career Connections: Pam Sikowitz announced an upcoming meeting, October 19-20, following up on the June High School Improvement Conference and a November 17 Career Development Conference to be held at the Holiday Inn and Loyola Center at Timonium. The Career Development Model will be rolled out at the conference with a keynote session on implementation of the model. Postsecondary representatives have been invited to attend.

Other Business

The chair requested assistance with the minutes. Morgan will provide a note taker for the November meeting, and one member will volunteer each meeting to take notes.

NEXT MEETING: November 14, 2000

Morgan State University

1:30 – 3:30