Maryland’s colleges and universities continue to work to improve the transfer of students from one institution to another. However, recognizing that individual action of institutions is insufficient to address the needs of transfer students who move across the state, the MHEC has endorsed the statewide Strategic Plan for Articulation and Transfer developed by the Student Transfer Advisory Council. This plan was a capstone event, pulling together all of the work of collaborative groups and institutions, and signaled the first time a state board/agency had sanctioned coordinated, statewide goals and an agenda to improve transfer.

In addition, in Fall 1995, all education segments and levels united with business and labor in an effort to improve learning. Core learning goals were established for high school students through a collaborative development process involving administrators, teachers, college faculty and business representatives and symbolized a turning point for cooperation across education segments within the State.

With the efforts outlined in this document, Maryland has advanced a vision of collaboration and articulation and has implemented an articulation system that will continue to assist all students as they move from one level of education to the next.

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