Student Transfer Advisory Council

of the meeting of
May 11, 1999

Members Present:
Connie Cox, Maryland Higher Education Commission (Chair)
Florence Agbonyitor, Baltimore City Community College
Richard Haney, Frederick Community College
Jan Kiphart, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Marion L. Patterson, Morgan State University
Teri Hollander, University System of Maryland
Barbara Murray, Baltimore City Community College
Tom Clowes, Maryland State Department of Education
Others Present:
Liz Murray, University System of Maryland

Call to Order
Connie Cox called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the March meeting were approved. A request was made to review the by-laws to ensure that the full membership is represented. It was noted that Mary Lewis would replace Peggy Miller as an attendee from Montgomery College.

The following updates were made: 1) the Student Guide will be republished with the edits the Council approved over the summer with distribution of copies to go to all higher education institutions and to MSDE for distribution to the high schools and selected staff; the booklet will be dated 1999/2000, 2) SB 682 was signed into law; general education is not affected; program proposals will be distributed widely so that responses can be submitted quickly and actions taken within 60 days, 3) there are plans to put COMAR on the web; this will be the responsibility of the Division of State Documents, and 4) in support of the State Plan tactics to improve transfer rates and transfer advising, members discussed sponsoring either an additional Transfer Day and/or a conference for all transfer coordinators and other institutional representatives to share and discuss effective advising/transfer strategies and models.

Annual Report to the Secretary
It was suggested that the annual report model the 1997 "Strategic Plan" and that it include accomplishments achieved this year including the website, the publication of the Student Guide, and the report of the subcommittee on effective transfer models. The Report should be put on the web.
Connie Cox will circulate a proposed format and topics and ask individuals to contribute by writing specific sections. We will attempt to complete the work over the summer.

Report from ARTSYS
Teri Hollander reported that online course evaluations for community colleges have been implemented on a test basis; the plan is to go live in two weeks. Course syllabi will be linked to the new courses. Ms. Hollander mentioned also that distance education courses and articulation agreements should be evaluated for ARTSYS listings. A JCR Report will be completed next fall on the extent of Internet-based course instruction in the state.

CAO Report
No items were reported; updates will be provided at the next meeting.

Career Connections Report
Tom Clowes reported on the April 17th Blended Instruction Workshop which attracted 300 participants. The Local Market Teams are revising career development models on CD. Tech Prep Grants are due June 1; reviewers are needed.

Other Business
A summer meeting will be held with registrars and IT staff to review institutional responsibilities for coding general education and for keeping ARTSYS current.

Schedule for 1999-2000
Meetings will continue the 2nd Tuesday of alternate months beginning September 14, 1999.

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